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Keeping Homes in Riverside County Rodent Free 

If you think you hear rodents crawling around your Temecula property, you're probably hearing one of the most popular pests in Riverside County, roof rats. They're not little pests; roof rats have tail longer than their head and body. The roof rat also has a very slender built body, thus allowing it to squeeze into tight confines. The roof rat doesn’t have good eyesight, so they use a fence or other type of structure as a runway. It will use the structure to help guide it. 

If you think your property is crawling with roof rats, give us a call to come inspect the issue. We provide expert rodent control in Temecula. 

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How To Get Rid of Rats

To discourage rats from entering your home, you can keep tree limbs and shrubs a minimum of 3 feet away from your home. Keep other vegetation in your yard to a manageable size. Main Sail Pest Control will determine where potential entry points are, and we will seal those areas for you. We will also place rodent bait stations on your property for you as part of our rodent control service in Temecula. 

Signs Your Home Has Rodents

Common signs you have a rodent problem include:

  • Rodent Droppings -
    It may seem like an obvious sign, but dark and moist droppings are fresh, and that may mean that rodents were there recently. Droppings are found near drawers, cupboards, and under sinks. Contact our Temecula rodent control services for the help you need.
  • Gnaw Marks -
    If you notice small holes in your cupboards or food boxes, this is a clear sign that you have rodents in your home. Contact us as soon as you see these gnaw marks in your house.
  • Foul Odor -
    Cats and dogs have a much keener sense of smell, and if you notice your animals going crazy in a particular area of your home, they may have found rodents that have infested that area of your home.

In the cooler fall and winter months, you are likely to have rats entering your attic, looking for warmth. The rat will leave its nesting spot many times throughout the day for a food and water source; the rat can lead to many sanitation and health concerns for the residents inside the home. It can also lead to safety concerns. Rats will chew on anything, sometimes even utility lines, in your attic. The roof rat will feed on fruits, nuts, and pet food, among other types of food. 

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Main Sail Pest Control offers an excellent rat control service that is always guaranteed to work to control your rat situation. Main Sail Pest Control will come to do a free on-site no-obligation inspection. After assessing the rat concern, we will inform you of the best option. We will be prepared and ready to start the service immediately if the service is agreed upon.  

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