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Fleas and ticks are common concerns among pet owners, especially in the late spring and summer months. At Main Sail Pest Control, Inc, we offer indoor and outdoor flea and tick control. Our family-owned pest control business provides service that you can trust.

If you are concerned about fleas and ticks, call (951) 397-0062 for a free estimate and reliable service. 

Flea Control Service for the House & Yard 

If you have pets, the best flea control is the use of vet-approved products on your pets. Our customers often wonder how fleas get in the house when they don’t have pets. This often happens when someone with pets visits your home and fleas are carried in on their clothing or shoes. The fleas can jump off onto your clothes or carpeting. Because fleas reproduce rapidly, they can quickly become a serious problem. 

Fleas often lay eggs in: 

  • Carpeting
  • Sofas
  • Linens
  • Cracks and crevices in wood
  • The lawn or garden

Flea larvae mature quickly and begin breeding, so it is important to get a flea infestation under control as quickly as possible. Flea problems can quickly get out of hand, so don’t wait to call for flea control service. We offer indoor and outdoor flea control to target the source of the problem and prevent flea eggs from growing into breeding adults. 

Signs You Have Fleas

It can be very annoying to wake up from being dead asleep, only to be very itchy for no reason. But, as you are itching, you realize that your pet has been itching a lot more then normal as well. This could be due to your home being visited by some unwanted “visitors”. But, how do you know when you have a Flea infestation? Below we have a few signs to look for to avoid this annoying situation.

  • Excessive Scratching -
    If you or your pets seem to be scratching more then is normal for you or your animals, it could be that these pesky pests have infiltrated your home. Watch your pets to see if they are constantly licking or biting themselves.
  • Flea Bites - 
    A clear sign that you have a flea infestation is when you and or your pets become victims of flea bites. These bites will often turn red and bruise like on your skin. Fleas like to bite around your ankles and can help you to see if it's fleas that your dealing with.
  • See Them Jumping Around -
    It may seem obvious, but if you see fleas hopping around every now and then, chances are that your home has fleas and needs to be deal with. Contact us today for our professional flea control services.

    “Quick response both on the phone and scheduled service. Friendly and haven’t seen a bug since. Pricing is right on market.”

    Kyle S.

Tick Control Services 

Ticks are a concern because they spread serious diseases, such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease, which can infect humans and their pets. Ticks may get into your yard on stray pets or deer. Ticks wait for a human or animal to pass by to feed on and hitch a ride inside the house. If you are seeing ticks in the yard and on your pets, you may need help getting rid of them. 

Our Temecula, CA flea and tick control service is effective for reducing the number of pests on your property to protect you, your family, and your pets. In addition to indoor and outdoor pest control service, we can evaluate your property to identify any steps you can take to make your yard less attractive to fleas and ticks. 

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Get a Free, No-Obligation Inspection 

If you are struggling with fleas and ticks, we offer a free, no-obligation inspection and estimates on flea and tick control in Temecula, CA. After evaluating your pest problem, we can recommend the best option for solving your issues. If you agree to the quote, we can start your service immediately — we won’t send a salesman and then schedule your service two weeks later. 

At Main Sail Pest Control, Inc, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our service. When you schedule regular pest control services and have a problem with covered pests in between visits, just give us a call. We provide a respray of your home or yard at no additional cost to you. 

Please contact us at (951) 397-0062 for more information about our services and a free inspection. 

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