Pest Control in Murrieta, CA

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At Main Sail Pest Control we are a family-owned business serves all of Murrieta and offers quality customer service. We ensure that you are completely satisfied with your pest control services – from treatments to our phone support. We guarantee our service and deliver effective pest control in Murrieta – preventing pests from returning!

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Our Pest Control Services in Murrieta, CA

Our general pest control service covers common pests, such as: 

If you need pest control service in Murrieta, call us at (951) 801-2969 or contact us online


Bee Removal Service in Murrieta

The warm climate in Murrieta allows honey bees to thrive. Bees typically nest within structures during spring and summer. Once a beehive is in your home, they become more aggressive and they are difficult to remove. Our experience with bee removal gives us the ability to exterminate bees hidden within your home. Protect your home and family today!  

What Are The Signs That I Need To Schedule Pest Control Services?

Pest control is an essential part of keeping your home pest-free and friendly pest technologies can be a great, effective way to ensure all critters are kept away. But, how do you know when it’s time to call an exterminator in Murrieta?

Well, look out for the following signs:

  • Seeing pest droppings
  • Hearing scratching noises in the attic or walls
  • Discovering pest nests or webs
  • Noticing pest entry points around windows and doors
  • An infestation of bugs in the pantry and kitchen cupboards
  • Evidence of termite presence such as damp wood or sawdust piles
  • Mosquito problems around your property
  • Gnaw marks on stored food packages or furniture items
  • Flea infestations or live cockroaches crawling around.

If you see any issues with these mentioned points within your property, then it’s likely time to get pest control services from a certified exterminator. Contact our pest control company in Murrieta, CA today to schedule a pest inspection or service with us.

Rodent Control in Murrieta, CA

You can leave your cat to deal with rodents in your home or call Main Sail Pest Control if you see rodents in your home. Disease-carrying rats and mice can contaminate and deplete food supplies, so they must be dealt with immediately. We will clean up after ourselves; your cat probably won't, and you don't have to worry about that guy sleeping in your bed.

Rodent control services are offered by Main Sail Pest Control. In addition to inspecting your home thoroughly, the supervisor will make exclusion recommendations to prevent more rats and mice from entering. In addition to droppings, nest materials, and gnaw marks, he will also check for evidence. Glue boards, self-resetting live traps, and bait stations are also used in addition to traps. The supervisor will check back every two or three days to reset and clear the traps.

Other Specialty Pest Control Service in Murrieta

We offer intensive treatments for specialty pest problems like fleas, rodents, and German roaches. Call now for a free estimate for effective pest control in Murrieta, CA!

Why Choose Main Sail Pest Control?

As a family-owned small business, Main Sail Pest Control is proud to be a local company. We founded this company to help our community and provide for our three children, owned and operated by a husband and wife team with over a decade of experience in the industry. You can count on our owners to assist you through every step of the pest control process, from scheduling to service and everything in between. Because we know it's the right thing to do for our friends and neighbors, we take the time to be thorough in our work. To keep our neighborhood pest-free, we go above and beyond typical pest control services.

Give our exterminators in Murrieta a call at (951) 397-0062 or contact us online today to get started!

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Main Sail Pest Control is proud to serve homeowners and business owners in the area we live in. From our numerous years of pest control experience to the honest, fast, and reliable services we provide, we are the top choice for all of your pest extermination needs.

Murrieta General Pest Control Services

Our regular pest control maintenance program effectively removes common pest problems in Murrieta. We strategically apply bug products in areas of your home where bugs typically reside. This treatment program exterminates any existing bug activity. Recurring treatments keeps the bugs from returning to your home –guaranteed. Pests covered under general pest control program:

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