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Earwigs (pincher bugs) are tiny insects found under stones, landscapes, wood chips, or in any dark, undisturbed area. They can be destructive to your garden plants. They are mostly found outside in your landscape; however, they will sometimes be found inside your home or office.  

If you have earwigs and are searching for the best solution to exterminate them, call Main Sail Pest Control (951) 397-0062 or message us online for guaranteed results.

What Do Earwigs Look Like?

Earwigs can be identified by a pair of pinchers that resemble forceps at the end of their body. Their body is reddish brown, and they are about ¾ inch long. Most earwig species have wings under short, hard-wing covers. However, they rarely fly.

Where Can Earwigs Hide in Your Home?

Outdoors earwigs live in damp, covered areas under leaves, logs, piles of wood, and stones. 

Since they prefer small, dark spaces, they are likely to be found under:

  • Debris
  • Piles of wood
  • And even piles of laundry

Earwigs are also attracted to moisture, so it is common to find them around water sources like your kitchen or bathroom sink.

Are Earwigs Dangerous?

Despite their appearance, earwigs are not considered dangerous to humans. They use their pinchers defensively and can pinch your finger if agitated, but they do not sting or have venom. The most they can do is cause some discomfort from their pinch.

Even though earwigs aren’t dangerous to humans, they can cause significant damage to plants in your home or garden because they feed on seedlings and flower petals. 

How Earwig Pest Control Can Help You

An effective earwig extermination involves not only using bug spray techniques but also identifying the source of the pest problem. At Main Sail Pest Control, we will identify the earwigs and where they are coming from and treat them appropriately to control your earwig concern.

Earwig Control Price

Main Sail Pest Control offers excellent service that is always guaranteed to work to control your earwig situation. Main Sail Pest Control will come to do a free on-site, no-obligation inspection. 

After assessing the earwigs concern, we will inform you of the best option.  If the service quote is agreed upon, we will be prepared and ready to start the service immediately.

Contact Us For An Effective Earwig Extermination

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