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Ant Control Services

Serving Lake Elsinore, Menifee, Murrieta, Temecula, & Wildomar 

In southwest Riverside County, the most common household pest is the Argentine Ant. The Argentine Ant will begin foraging for food and water in the spring and continue through summer. In the early spring, they will be looking mostly for protein. As the months get warmer, they will be foraging for a water source. You will likely see the Argentine Ant around pet food in the early spring. In June, they will start looking for a water source, so you are likely to see them in your kitchen or in a bathroom. Trying to locate and seal the entry point of these small little insects is impossible. However, we do have several different products that will get those pesky ants out of your home or office.

Argentine & Carpenter Ant Control Price

Main Sail Pest Control offers affordable, quality ant pest control. Main Sail Pest Control also offers a guarantee. If a problem arises in the guaranteed time, we will return promptly to satisfy your concern. If the service charge is agreed upon, we will start your ant elimination immediately.

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