Searching High and Low For Pests

Are you wondering why it seems like you are seeing more pest in Menifee this summer than normal? Well remember all rain Menifee received this past winter? That really helped the ants, spiders and roaches to build larger populations this summer. But Menifee the good news is that we can help. Even with the larger population of these pests, with a strong pest control maintenance program in place these pest can be controlled.

When the humidity rises the way it has lately, then you are likely to see an increase in ants. Argentine ants are the most common variety of ants in Menifee. These pesky ants will always become more noticeable in the hot summer months. And we all know that Menifee is not immune from the heat in the summer. Now you add humidity to the heat and BOOM the ants will be out in force in Menifee.

So how can you prevent the ant invasion away from your home? Well lets talk about some easy steps you can take to control ants. First remember ants are looking for water. So your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry rooms ( especially if there is a sink ) are all locations inside your home that you will likely find ants. Where are the moist spots outside your home? Look where the concrete ( or any landscape barrier ) meets the grass line. The lawn tends to carry moister in the soil which is a great place for Argentine ants to nest in. Flip over stepping stones in the yard. The condensation will build up underneath the stepping stones. Pull back the weed barrier condensation will also build there too. The lowest point in your yard is likely going to have ants, as this is where all the water will go to. Look anywhere there can be a build up in moister.

So how to eliminate ants: Be sure your not over watering your yard. Make sure to wipe up water that me splash onto the counter around the sink in the kitchen and bathrooms. Now these steps can all be taken and you still are likely going to have ants. So now you need a good pest control service. You can buy over the counter pest control supplies, but will just slow the inevitable. You likely are still going have ants. Most of these over the counter products are repellents which when used, they will take care of the current ant problem. And the ants will stop coming from that particular spot that you used a repellent, but they will likely find a new way in. The ant baits work when used properly, but when not used properly, they can make a minor ant problem, a major ant problem. So Menifee, the best thing to do is to call a professional pest control service. Just like you know your profession a professional pest control company knows his profession.

As you search your yard for ants you will probably begin to find other pest you were unaware of. Like earwigs ( pincher bugs ) among others.

While you are engaged in looking for ants in the yard look around for spiders. They also are doing well this summer thanks to the rain Menifee had earlier in the year. Look under the roof eaves, fence , under patio furniture, in plants etc… Spiders are also very treatable in Menifee.