We needed the rain that we received this past winter however, the down side ( if we can say there is a downside ) is the bugs invading our homes now that we have arrived in spring. Anywhere from mosquitoes, to carpet beetles, to ants, to bee’s and wasp. And everything else. So what can be done?…. Prevention is the best method when it comes to pest control. For example if earwigs ( pincher bugs )  is an issue at your home, then take a look around outside with your landscape. Is there a lot of build up moister? Pull back the weed barrier in the flower bed, do you see a lot of pincher bugs here? The condensation build up creates moister under there. Earwigs feed on decaying organic material, like dead leaves, decorative wood chips in the garden etc.. look up in your roof eaves, do you see the wasp nests building up there? There really isn’t anything you can do to prevent wasps or bee’s. But it is important to keep an eye out for these insects. It may be impossible to prevent bees or wasp but in many cases it is easy to solve the problem.

Bees can become dangerous and very destructive if you allow the hive to stay very long. Wasp are less of a danger but still never the less pose a certain danger, depending on where the nest is located. To prevent ants, prune bushes and tree limbs away from the house , try to keep other such material away from the house. Keep pet food in sealed containers, keep your moister level low.

Above all, keep an  eye out for any of these pests among other pest too. Another part of prevention is to have a regular pest control maintenance program set up. A quarterly maintenance program should be sufficient. Call us today to set up that pest prevention service.