What a great winter we had! Who would’ve thought a 6 year drought could have been crushed in one winter? Okay the drought may not have been crushed, but certainly impacted.

Don’t you hate the phrase “double edge sword”? Well… the rain this winter does come with a double edged sword. On one side, we got the rain that we so desperately needed but on the flip side this spring/summer all that water is going to really bring out the Argentine ant, among other annoying little bugs.

So what can you do to prepare for the onslaught of pests?

1. Keep trees and shrubs away from house and roof tops.

2. Reduce insect on plants outside that may create the sweet honey dew

that will attract ants.

3. Argentine ants love moist soil. This soil often will occur under

decorative stepping stones, under weed barriers, etc…anywhere that

condensation may build up. Keep a watchful eye out in theses areas.

4. Keep kitchen clean inside.

5. Try to avoid access moister around sinks in the kitchen and restrooms


Now after all these steps are taken it still is likely that your going to see ants around outside and inside. So call me to set up a pest control maintenance program.  A good pest control maintenance is a preventive program. Don’t wait ’til the problem is occurring. If you do happen to wait ’til the ants have invaded, no worries, we can handle it just the same. But why give yourself an undue head ache? If you want an undue head ache I have 3 kids to send your way.   🙂