Spring is just around the corner! I love spring, everything starts to take on new life again. We don’t see much of winter in So. Cal but spring is still a beautiful season. I lived in Idaho for 18 months and that’s when you really notice spring after the winter! But with all the rain we had this winter the flowers are going to be awesome this year.

The rain will help more than just the trees and flower gardens spring to life this spring. You should also be on the look out for all kinds of pest springing to life. The moist healthy ground and the healthy gardens are certain to bring ants into full activity. This will likely be the most active ants and other insect season we have seen in years. Those rose bushes will attract in turn, will attract ants looking for the sweet honey due the aphids create.

The healthy flowers are sure to bring increased bee activity too. We want those bees to help pollinate our gardens, so this is a good thing. The more the bee’s the healthier our gardens will be. However sometimes those bee hives may end up in attics or other areas that could pose a danger to the structure and to humans. We at Main Sail Pest Control recognize the importance of honey bee’s. So we are equipped with the
tools needed to do what we call a live bee removal. This way we are able to take the bee’s from the spot they may be causing you trouble and relocate them in an environment that they will continue to thrive in, and at the same time be out of your way.

We can get into more detail on the honey bee in future blog posts. But as we move into the season of new life remember Main Sail Pest Control to keep you pest free. Mention this post and claim your 25% discount off the initial service, when you sign a 1 year service agreement.

Happy Spring!