Pest control in So. Cal is a great business to be in. You never really have a season where there is nothing going on. We defiantly have a
season when we are busier than others, but never just total down time.

The winter months we are chasing rats around. These are the most common months to get rodents in the attic or home. This keeps us busy. That’s not to say that you wont have rodents inside during the summer months. We still get rodents in August. Those months are not fun inside attics. It’s hot up there in the summer!!

As we move into the late winter months and into early spring the bee activity will pick up. Bee activity will stay on the rise through the summer, but it will be highest in spring. The honey bee is an important component to our gardens and certainly we need the honey bee. However sometimes they pose a bigger danger to our homes. You don’t want a bee hive in your home or other sensitive structures. The honey may cause damage to the home and may also attract ants and rats. Realizing the importance of the honey bee, we have a ” live removal ” program we can use. This way we can safely relocate the bee’s to an environment, where they can survive and thrive and not be posing dangers to us or our property.

Moving along….then summer arrives. This is when our ant calls sky rocket! Especially when we get the monsoons in July and August. That summer heat combined with the humidity, the Argentine Ant activity explodes! They show up outside, inside, the kitchen, the bathroom, the bed room, the living room even in the garage. There is no telling where you’ll see the Argentine Ant in the summer.

Then as we move into the late summer and right through the fall months, we start to see a lot of spider activity. The spiders will keep us busy until the colder and hopefully we winter comes on again.

There is never just absolute down time when doing pest control in So. Cal. There is always some kind of pest roaming around no matter the month. We tend to get an increased amount of calls asking what can be done about annoying kids, starting about the second week every June and going through the end of each August. Those calls tend to pick up again about the 4th week in December and last through the first week of January. We think it may have something to do with the school calendar.

The answer to these calls is “there is nothing we can do”. 🙂