Did you know we can help with those pesky birds hanging out on the roof or other places at your home or office? It’s true we can! These birds in many cases aren’t just a nuisance, but they can also cause health concerns as well. Look for forth coming blogs about birds and methods to keep them away from your home or office.

For some birds there are certain seasons when we can not do anything. For instance the swallow is nesting March through September, we can’t do any kind of bird control method with them during this time. The swallow bird is the bird that will create a mud nest high under the roof eave of the home. It is important to note, the swallow nest is protected during the months of March through September.

All of the bird control methods are humane. Depending on the type of bird we are working with, will determine what method we will employ. You probably have seen some, or maybe, even all of these different methods. Anything from bird spikes, to netting, to bird wire even bird sloping.

Some of the birds we are able to control are Feral Pigeon, Sparrows, Seagulls and Crows. These are the common nuisance birds in our area. It is important to know which bird we are controlling, so that the proper technique is employed. This will determine what we will use and where we will use it.

Bird control isn’t harming any of the birds in any way. It is simply deterring the birds from hanging out on your home or office. When the proper technique is employed, it leaves the birds no place to land or nest, thus they move along.

In future posts we will further discuss birds and bird control measures.