Rodent baits can be a very effective way to control rodents. However that being said, it can also be a big problem for you too. For instance you never want to use a rodentcide inside your home or any structure for that matter. The reason for this, the rat or mouse likely will die inside the structure and then begin to decay. This will emit an unpleasant odor, which would be the least of your concern. The bigger concern is the sanitation problem that decaying rats would cause inside your home.

It is only recommended to use a rodentcide outside. And for a professional pest control operator in the state of California, it is illegal to use any form of a rodentcide inside the home.

A big concern for many people is the safety of using rodentcides outside. We use the Protecta LP bait stations for rodent bait. These stations are very secure. We fasten the bait station to the ground, with a stake in soil or liquid nails if it is on pavement. The station can only be accessed with the proper tool. There are two small openings on either side of the station, that is only big enough to allow the target pest in ( rats, mice). The bait station is kid and pet safe.

Another concern is second hand poisoning to a pet if it picks up the rat that died after consuming the bait. The bait required to kill even a large rat is so little that it would not have an effect on the dog. In fact a lethal dose for a large rat would only be 0.18 oz.

Bait is not the only method of rodent control in this area. To properly control rodents there are many steps that must be taken. Bait is just one of the many steps. It is also important to note that, we will never be able to completely eliminate rodents from entering your yard. But we certainly can eliminate rodent activity in your home. Bait is just one of the many steps to be taken. Follow our blog for more information on rodent control, as well as other pest control solutions too.