Summer is quickly ending. The kids are back to school. Labor day is upon us now. The only thing we wait for now, is the calendar to officially announce Sumner’s end and Autumn’s beginning. The calendar is the official closer of all seasons and it say’s Autumn begins on September 22.

typically what we find as we get into late Summer and into the Autumn months, is ants becoming less of a issue for homeowners and spiders become the larger issue. Now of course we all know that for Halloween those pretend spiders are great!! But we don’t want the real spiders around.

Common area’s for spiders are going to be in area’s where no one is disturbing them. A garage, shed or storage unit. In fire wood piles or where other derbies may be allowed to accumulate. In fences, shrubs around the house or in roof eaves. Some will make it inside your home from time to time too.

So, let’s talk about what measures you can take for spider control around your home and property. The first step you can take for spider control is, eliminate all unnecessary derbies around your home. Periodically move boxes around you are storing in the garage. The simple step of moving the storage around will discourage spiders from wanting to take up harborage there, as you will be disturbing them. Keep clutter to a minimum inside the house.

After you have taken these steps to control the spiders, you’ll want to have a professional pest control operator to come in for further control of those spiders.

Now, after a professional comes in, should you expect total elimination of spiders? Unfortunately no. You will notice a large reduction outside, but it is impossible for complete spider elimination outside.Spiders will blow in the wind from one property to the next, hence the reason we can not completely eliminate spiders outside. Inside there is an excellent chance you will notice complete spider control.

When there is a good partnership between the homeowner and the professional pest control operator, we notice great results in spider control.