A common question I’m asked is, ” why do I need a service year round”? The answer is simple. In Southern California we live in a climate, that insects never really go away for a season. Certainly they will slow down in the winter months, but they will not be gone or dormant. I still get calls for ants in the winter, albeit not as frequently as I do in August.

Remember those ants are working in the winter months, preparing for spring. They don’t just go instink for the winter and all the sudden resurrect in the spring. We want to be on top of them, preventing them in the winter to build up those colonies in the spring. With an effective pest management program, we will be able to prevent a big out break in the spring and summer months.

Some people think ” well I haven’t seen any ants since the summer, so I guess they’re gone. I no longer need your service, everything is under control”. What they don’t understand is that they do need my service. The reason they haven’t seen ants, because together we have implemented a successful pest management program. When someone says that to me, I want to say “YOUR WELCOME”! But instead I educate them and remind them of how bad it was every year before they implemented the pest management program. I remind them, that the ants are gone for the season, but that they will build again in the spring, if the successful program is terminated.

A quarterly service is addaquett. We can treat the common pest for each season that way. This frequency will save you quite a bit of money each year and still keep you pest free.