10. If you spray my property the bugs will just go my neighbors. (WRONG) You neighbor has their own bugs. Each house will have ant nests, spiders and other bugs.

9. My next door neighbor just moved out and all the bugs that were at they’re house are coming to mine. (WRONG) Again you have your own set of bugs. It is nothing to be ashamed of that you have bugs. Its nature.

8. All Pesticides are dangerous and should be avoided. (WRONG) We work hard to keep you and those in your home safe. In fact it is a law that we have to read the label to make sure we apply it correctly. Once the chemical is laid down and dried then it is safe for people and pets to walk over it.

7. If my house is professionally treated on a regular basis, then I will never see another ant or spider again. (WRONG) We are a preventative pest control service. That means we are working hard to prevent them from invading and nesting in your home. Yes you will see a bug here and there but they will not be making a home.

6. All pest control companies are created equally. (WRONG) There are a lot of pest control companies to choose from. It does that not that cost that much to start and you don’t need long time schooling. So make sure your company is knowledgeable and has your home’s best interest in mind.

5. The most effective pest control program is a monthly service. (WRONG) The most common product used has a residual from 60-90 days. Coming out each month is just wasting your money. If the treatment is done right then having a service every other or every quarter is sufficient.

4. The Pesticides I buy at the hardware store is the same thing a professional uses. (WRONG) It is true that other the counter and our product has the same active ingredient but there difference in how much is huge. Over the counter is 0.5% while ours is 7.9%. Our product has a longer residual and you have the bonus of someone that knows that nature of bugs.

3. A large recognizable pest control company is better to use than a small pest control company. (WRONG) Bigger is not always better. Most smaller company have all the tools and knowledge that the bigger companies. Where they stand out is attention to detail and personal relationship. You are not just a number to them like big companies.

2. Ants will only be in my house if my kids leave food all over the place. (WRONG) Ants are not always going after food. They are also going for a water source.

1. Organic pesticides are safer and just as effective as conventional pesticides. (WRONG) Organic pesticides break down a lot easier so that means you need to pay for them to come out more for the product to stay strong. Our products are safe and are stronger defense against pest.