Earlier in the summer we had a lot of cock roach calls. While these calls still continue to come in, it isn’t nearly at the same rate that it was in May and June. However if you are noticing those big nasty black or brownish colored bugs outside, call us. It’s an easy fix. They mostly will be outside, but one may occasionally find it’s way inside. They are common for this time of year.

Right now most of our calls seem to be concerned with ants or spiders. It seems to be an equal amount of calls with these two. Both are easy fixes! With a little bit of Termidor SC, we can easily knock out, not just the ants you see, but the rest of the nest as well. Termidor SC is a superior product when it comes to ants. With the Termidor SC we will set up a nice band all the way around your home. Bye, Bye ants! Inside we can use Cykick CS and perform a crack and crevice treatment. The Cykick CS has a long residue life, up to 90 days on the inside.

With Spiders we will use Temprid SC. This creates a quick knock down of the spider population. After we get that spider population knocked down, we will be able to maintain with either Cykick CS or Bifen I\T. Both of these products have a great residue life.

So now your wondering, are my kids and pets safe? You’ll love my answer….YES!! Kids and pets are safe with these products. The only thing not safe, is the insects and of course we don’t want those pesky things safe. Any time we treat inside we recommend you and your pets stay out of the area treated for one hour. We want to give the area a dry time. Once it’s dry your good to go!!