It’s going to be hot and humid this week. You already know who likes to visit with this weather. The ANTS!! Not the aunt’s but the ANTS!! To bad too because the aunts usually bring with them a cold glass of lemonade and watermelon, but the ANTS attack the lemonade and watermelon.

During the spring time the Argentine ant is in search of protein to build that colony up. But in the heat of the summer they will start looking more for water. This is when they start showing up around the kitchen and bathroom sink and even in the shower, which is so embarrassing!

At Main Sail Pest Control we like to say, the best pest control service, is a preventive service. You need to jump on those pesky little ants before they jump on you. Hurry before it’s to late. But even if they get you first, we can still win the war on the ANTS!!

We use top of the line, kid and pet safe products. The number 1 superior product for Argentine ants is Termidor SC. I call it a transfer product. It is a non repellent product. Meaning the ants will not detect it, but will instead walk through it. As the ants go through the Termidor, they will pick up the active ingredient (fipronil ) and take it back to the nest. This will then kill the entire nest.

We have a very popular and affordable reoccurring maintenance plan for our customers. This will not only include the ANTS, but also all other general pest, spiders, earwigs, wasps etc…