Spring has arrived in Southern California. Some summer heat one day and and cooler more damp weather the next. This weather is sure to bring increased pest activity with it. Anything from ants to bees, will be increasingly emerging in the weeks to come. At Main Sail Pest Control, we believe the best pest management program, is a preventive pest management program. Jump on these ants, spiders, wasp and other creepy crawlies, before they invade your space!

What Will I Likely See In Spring?

You are most likely to see ants in the spring and summer. Ants are building and strengthening colonies in the spring. That being said, they will be looking for protein. This is when the dog food will be attacked if it is left out for any extended period of time, or if it is stored in an unsealed container. Ants will be looking for any source of protein in the next few weeks. By the end of April or early May, they will be looking more for a water source. A moist ground soil will almost defiantly bring increased ant activity. Try not to over water your landscape. The honey dew produced by aphids and white fly will attract ants. Eliminate these types of sources, but even if you do take these proper measures, you likely will still find ants on your property. This is when it is time to have a professional pest control company come in every couple months to defend your home from invading ants and other pest.

Do I Need Pest Control Service Year Round?

In southern California pest control is a year round necessity. Spring and summer, we mostly get calls for ants. In late summer and fall, our calls tend to move more toward spiders. As we get into the latter weeks of fall and winter, we tend to have an increase volume of rodents, invading garages and attic spaces. A proper pest control management program,will be able to help you with your year round pest.

Can’t I Get Over The Counter Pesticide ?

There is a broad range of over the counter pesticide products that you can buy and perform your own pest control management program. How effective are these products? Some of these products will bring a larger problem than you originally had, while others may be fairly effective. However even the effective products, if not properly applied won’t do much good. A professional pest control applicator, will have an array of products to use. He \ she will know which product is best for the particular pest concern that you have. For example if your main concern is Argentine ants, the professional will use a product like Termidor SC, or Taurus SC. But if your concern is spiders, he may use Temprid SC among other products. If he were performing a general pest control treatment, he would use a Bifenthrin or similar  product. He \ she will also know how and were to properly apply the product, as to not contaminate any non target area. Above all, think of how much more time you will have on your Saturday because someone else took that pest control chore away from you!!