In Southern California, unlike other areas in the United States, pest are a year round issue. While your insects will not be as prominent in the winter, it is not completely unusual to have an occasional ant or spider out break. Let’s go through the pest that you are most likely to experience during each season.


In the spring, March through May you are most likely going to start noticing ants increase. During the spring months ants  will be mostly looking for protein as they begin to build up the colonies. This is when the dog food or cat food is likely to be attacked.


As the months turn hotter in the summer, June through August, the ants will start looking for water. This is when the areas around the kitchen sink, bathroom sinks and shower areas are likely to experience ant infestations. You may notice in your landscape after watering or after a monsoon rainstorm passes, that ants will be out in force. Water, water , water in the summer months.


Late summer and into the fall months, late August through November the ants will slow down and you will begin to notice the spider population increase. Spiders will tend to congregate in in hidden secluded areas. Under patio furniture, in the eaves or awnings on our homes, in shrubs in the yard, in fences, in firewood or other debris in the yard, in garage’s behind storage items that are rarely moved and behind furniture inside our homes. The good news with the spiders we will encounter in Southwest Riverside County is, they are mostly harmless. The exception is the Black Widow Spider, however the Black Widow is only harmless if you are bitten, and if you don’t threaten the Black Widow, then the Black Widow will not bite you. The Black Widow only bites when threatened, it is a defense mechanism.


Late fall and into the winter months ( November through February )   you likely will see, or more likely hear,  an increase in rodent activity. Outside you may see feces closer to the home and inside when the house is quiet you may hear scratching or gnawing and running around up in the attic. Rats  and mice. It’s cold and wet outside, but the insulation in your attic is warm, dry and oh so soft. Of all the pest that we treat, rats and mice are one of the most destructive and dangerous.