A little rain + a little sun and warm temperatures to follow = ANTS!! That is exactly what the current forecast calls for, so look out! But no need fear, Main Sail Pest Control is here.

So What Are Some Of the Characteristics Of The Argentine Ant?

Argentine ant colonies will normally be found in soil, under concert slabs or stepping stones and under decorative landscape wood chips. But they can also be found in other areas too, like in trees and wall voids among others. Despite what some believe, the Argentine ant does not sting \ bite. It is however very territorial and will drive away other ant species. Colonies will have thousands of workers and many Queens.

So how can you identify the Argentine ant?

The Argentine ant is a single node with small workers only about 2.5 mm long, all workers are the same in size. The Argentine ant is sometimes miss identified as other species such as, the Odorous House ant. The Argentinian ant has a grayish – brown color. The first segment antenna is shorter than the head. The legs aren’t noticeably long either.

How Can You Effectively Control The Argentine Ant?

First we must identify what attracted them to your property in the first place.

To properly control the Argentine ant, a good starting point is identify what attracted the ant to your property in the first place. Once we have identified these areas, we can start eliminating the problem areas. Any unnecessary derbies should be cleaned up, eliminate any insects that provide protein or honeydew sources, If possible remove large concert blocks or slabs, or anything that could be a potential area for ants to harborage under or inside.

Of course as we discussed earlier, ants may be found in trees, or wall voids. These are areas that we can’t easily remove. But this is where Main Sail Pest Control can help you. We have a great pest management program to meet the needs of the home owner.

In summary, to effectively control the Argentine ant, find harboarge areas and eliminate these areas. Call Main Sail Pest Control to do the rest. An effective pest management program involves two parts. One part is the homeowner ( harboarge elimination ) and the second part is the professional pest control operator. We will help you to understand \ identify areas that is, or has the potential to attract ants, so that you can help control the ant population and then we will execute an effective pest management program. Working together we will keep these pesky ants out of your home.